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Meet Dr. Stuart Frost

Meet Dr. Stuart Frost

Artistic Orthodontist | Speaker | Author | Consultant

Dr. Frost is dedicated to the endless pursuit of incredibly beautiful smiles that last a lifetime. Known as the “artist orthodontist,” Dr. Stuart L. Frost has been creating artistic, beautiful smiles for his patients for over two decades. As a sought-after lecturer and industry consultant, he is immersed in the field of orthodontics on a global scale and shares his ever-growing knowledge of the latest technologies with other practitioners around the world.

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The Artist Orthodontist

It's More Than Just Straightenting Teeth

Creating a truly beautiful smile involves more than just lining up teeth. In his book, The Artist Orthodontist, Dr. Stuart L. Frost shares the art and science behind a truly beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. This valuable, entertaining, and insightful guide is perfect for anyone researching orthodontics for either themselves or a family member. Forget everything you thought you knew about braces. This book dives into the latest in orthodontic techniques, cutting edge technologies, and the countless benefits of creating an artful smile.

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Dr. Frost is a catalyst in the field of innovative and artistic orthodontics. An entertaining, inspirational, and informative presenter, Dr. Frost is passionate about sharing what he’s learned through his years of experience and immersion in the global orthodontics community to help others around the world create smiles that change lives for the better.

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