The “Frost” Smile & Why You Should Get One

If you did a search on the Internet, you could find multiple tutorials showing you how to put a new roof on your house, replace your car’s brakes, and design a website.

You might even have some basic skills at one of these and, with some practice, be able to do a good job.

Of course, I wouldn’t want to be the owner of the car or the house or the website on which you “practiced.” Those things are important and I would want them performed not just right, but expertly.

Instead, I think we can all agree, it’s wise to hire a professional, particularly if there is a likelihood of complications. Maybe a simple brake job is within your purview, but if a complication arose you would be out of your element.

Put Your Smile in the Hands of an Expert

We’re seeing the same thing in the orthodontist business, especially since the Great Recession. The downturn in the economy a decade ago convinced many dentists to delve into orthodontics to make ends meet. The American Dental Association allows dentists to offer specialty services with a few weeks of extra training. So now, many dentists remove wisdom teeth, perform root canals, and install braces and aligners like Invisalign.

Root canals are generally the province of specialists called endodontists. Oral surgeons specialize in removing wisdom teeth, particularly the bottom two that are rooted in the jaw. Patients generally trust their teeth to orthodontists for treatments involving braces and clear aligning appliances.

These specialists spend years in full-time training to earn their specialist’s degrees. Already a dentist, I spent five years in training to become an orthodontist and learn all the proper techniques. I don’t just dabble in orthodontics on the side: it’s my everyday work.

That isn’t to say that dentists can’t do perfectly good jobs on routine wisdom tooth removal, root canals and braces. I have seen some very nice work by dentists. It’s just important that they understand where their expertise ends and the specialist’s begins.

The Frost Smile
When it comes to straightening your teeth for the perfect smile, what we call the “Frostsmile,” we are talking about a standard that no dentist can attain. We have become experts in the revolutionary Damon System that reduces pain and discomfort, shortens treatment time and produces a sweeter smile.

My staff and I have treated patients who completed the Invisalign process at a dentist’s office with less than satisfactory results. We have to correct the dentist’s work while the patient endures a second round of treatment and pays twice for the same service.

When patients leave our office after a completed treatment, they have perfect smiles. Their teeth align perfectly, without distortions in color, alignment, or spacing. Just the right amount of gum shows when the smile. Patients have described our work as “art.”

That’s why you go to an expert with something as important as your smile.

To learn more, check out my new book: The Artist Orthodontist: Creating An Artistic Smile Is More Than Just Straightening Teeth!