Gaining a Beautiful Smile is More Than Straighter Teeth

Have you ever been introduced to someone who smiled broadly when they met you? You can’t help but like them. It’s like their face lit up, just because of you! You can feel yourself growing warm and happy.

A great smile can do that.

At Frost Orthodontics, we help people get that great smile. We call what we do the Frostsmile. It’s far more than you think.

Gaining a beautiful smile is not just lining up six front teeth. Think about what happens when you smile: Sure, your front teeth protrude as your lips retract and your gums show. In addition, your cheeks rise while your eyes narrow and your ears tighten against your head. Your whole face glows as blood flows into it.

A beautiful, spectacular smile is something to behold. It is something else to create.

When creating a Frostsmile for our patients, we take great care to ensure that nothing interferes with the smile’s perfection. No blemishes, misshapes, or teeth out of position. The light reflects off the teeth just as it should. The four front teeth hang slightly lower than the eye teeth, and they are all aligned in the same direction. They are perfectly symmetrical, and the whole tooth shows, with only a bit of gum.

It’s not just how the teeth relate to each other and to the mouth. Your smile has to fit your face. A big smile inside a small face makes the wearer look like a horse. A perfect smile that is too small for its face is just bizarre. It has to be a Goldilocks smile – just right.

In some people, the perfect smile makes their upper lip appear plumper – something women pay thousands for at the plastic surgeon’s office. It curls slightly upward too, producing a lovely, more youthful visage. With improved dental structures, the face ages more gracefully.

People of all ages are showing off their smiles in a new place – their social media postings. These posts are seen not just by the people they come into contact with physically, but literally by the whole world.

At the same time, studies show how important a smile is to making a good impression. Research shows that nearly a third of people say they notice a person’s teeth first. More than half view people with straight teeth as more successful and wealthier. Almost three quarters were more like to trust someone with a nice smile more than someone well-dressed.

So your smile matters.

And if you aren’t born with one, it takes real expertise from an orthodontist to get one.