The Damon Dental Experience

Parents sometimes bring their children into our offices with great trepidation. They recall painfully their experience with braces years ago.

They remember the pain and discomfort the braces caused, particularly following an adjustment, when the wires were tightened and their teeth were pulled further in a direction they didn’t necessarily want to go.

For some, the pain was so intense they couldn’t touch their teeth or bite down for days.

And now their children need braces.

You can imagine the fear that would cause for your child. No one wants to put their children through such a long, unpleasant experience.

Good news: they don’t have to.

Say No to Pain and Discomfort

The revolutionary Damon System has transformed braces into a kindler, gentler therapy for teeth.

With the Damon System, there is no tying and binding that causes most of the pain and discomfort. It still employs wire to move bonding brackets that attach to the teeth. But there are no colored elastic ties to hold the wire in place. Instead, Damon brackets have “doors” that shut over the wire to hold it in place while allowing it to move inside the bracket. This reduces friction and binding between the bracket and the wire.

Tooth movement is more efficient. Lighter wires can be used to move the teeth.

Parents are amazed by this new technology. Their children don’t experience the pain and soreness of traditional braces that marred their own childhoods.

Absent colored bands, Damon braces are also easier to clean and maintain. There is less opportunity for cavities and white spots that sometimes occur with traditional braces.

Even the wire itself is improved. It’s lighter and high-tech. It moves the teeth when and where needed gently.

The Damon System also eliminates the need for expander appliances. The wire bracing system itself takes care of expanding arch width, eradicating crowding in almost all cases without having to pull teeth.

The Damon System reduces the number of appointments necessary. And yes, we can offer Damon Clear, a non-staining porcelain bracket preferred by many adults.

Less pain, more efficient tooth movement, broader palates, fewer tooth extractions, less treatment time and more beautiful smiles.

Self-ligation bracing systems like the Damon System are a huge advance in orthodontics!

Yet about two-thirds of orthodontists continue to employ the antiquated methods that stir such concern in today’s parents. Their patients experience more pain and discomfort than they need to.

My Damon Journey

I was first inspired to use the Damon System as a first-year orthodontic resident, when I saw Dr. Dwight Damon speak about his groundbreaking practice of using self-ligation in braces. It was the first major innovation in orthodontics in a century.

He had the most beautiful orthodontic cases that I’d ever seen. He must have shown fifty cases in the presentation. In every case, the gum tissue and teeth were flawless—every one of those smiles and faces was beautiful.

I began experimenting with the Damon System as a resident. By the time I graduated in 2000, it was clear to me that it would benefit my patients. I have been using it, and sharing my lessons at conferences around the world, ever since.