Top-Notch Orthodontics: There Is a Difference

I want to tell you a story.

It’s about the system I use in order to give my patients a more beautiful smile.

It was developed by my mentor, Dr. Dwight Damon. I saw him make a presentation when I was in orthodontic school and it changed my life.

It’s allowed me to change my patients’ lives.

I wish more orthodontists would adopt the system. It would mean more patients’ lives are changing for the better.

The story is that a few years ago, my wife and I took our young children to a photographer for a family portrait.  When I introduced myself to the photographer, she blew me away.

“I know who you are,” she said. “You’re the artist orthodontist.”

“I’m what?“ I thought. I’d never thought of myself that way, and I’d certainly never said anything like that out loud.

But she knew. She had been taking photographs of families in our community for a couple of years and had photographed a lot of people I had treated. “I can tell if they’ve been your patients because there’s a difference in their smiles,” she said.

Creating a FrostSmile is more than just straightening teeth! At my practice, we consider the entire face and how teeth relate to the upper lips and smile. We attempt to catch the light just right with the smile we build. We align and angle the teeth from front to back in an uninterrupted flow that makes our patients’ faces glow.

Much of the success we have is based on the Damon System, developed by Dr. Damon, the pioneer of what is called passive, self-ligation brackets for braces. His bracket system requires fewer extractions, fewer problems with the gums and teeth, less pain and shorter treatment times. Using the Damon system, patients don’t have the pain and soreness or ordinary braces, and they get better results.

I have been using the Damon System since I first saw Dr. Damon demonstrate it in 2000. Combining my own experience with the attention my staff applies to the details of our patient’s smiles, we produce artistic orthodontics, as the Frost family photographer can attest.