Living In a Selfie World (and How an Orthodontist Can Help)

We live in a crazy world. More people know us through social media than in person.

Consider how ubiquitous photos are these days. Everyone walks around with a camera in their pocket and is apt to snap a selfie at any time.

What’s the most common subject of photos? Ourselves.

It’s truly amazing how Instagram and Facebook are transforming life. These platforms are even changing the role of the orthodontist. Now, not only are people concerned with how they look in person, but also how they look online.

One of the best ways to look great is to improve your smile.

Consider what surveys and studies have found:

  • The quality of a smile is the first thing that many of us notice about a person.
  • Teeth are what many of us remember most after meeting someone.
  • About half of us think a job candidate with straight teeth would be more likely to get the job.
  • People with straight teeth are more confident, and therefore more successful.

A Smile Multiplied by Social Media

Multiply those findings by the power of social media. If you walk down the street and smile at everyone you meet, you might affect 50 people. A photo on social media can be seen by thousands. If you’re tagged in the photo, those thousands of people will know your name, and a visit to your page will tell them all about you. Smiles can go viral.

The selfie is spreading the word about the power of orthodontics too, which I saw firsthand while surfing social media myself recently.

Spreading Smiles by Social Media

I found an Instagram account filled with women showing before-during-and-after photos with their braces, documenting over time how braces had straightened their teeth. It was a high tech version of flip cards that create a virtual movie, and it was all focused on the quality of their smiles.

Social media has also transformed how we demonstrate the value of our work at Frost Orthodontics. Now we post cases online to show the beauty and value of a Frost Smile. People have flown in to our office for treatment from all over the world, beckoned by the real-life visuals of stunningly beautiful smiles that we post online.

Social media allows us to show the entire world what can be accomplished with today’s orthodontics. We can create the art of a perfect, selfie-ready smile that our patients are confident to show off in their daily lives and on social media.