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The Artist Orthodontist

Dr. Frosts Approach to The Art of Creating Beautiful Smiles

Creating a truly beautiful smile involves more than just lining up teeth. In his book, Artistry in Orthodontics, Dr. Stuart L. Frost shares the elements of crafting artful smiles that last a lifetime. Known as the “artist orthodontist,” Dr. Frost has been helping patients achieve the smile of their dreams for over two decades. He is completely immersed in the global orthodontics community and is passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise with others.

This valuable, entertaining, and insightful guide is perfect for anyone researching orthodontics for either themselves or a family member. Forget everything you thought you knew about the braces of the past. Today’s orthodontics can give you the results you’re looking for with less pain, fewer extractions, and a shorter turnaround time. This book dives into the latest in orthodontic techniques, cutting edge technologies, and the countless benefits of creating an artful smile.

Find out how modern, innovative orthodontics can help you create a smile you can love for your whole life!

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What Others Are Saying

"Dr. Frost’s goals are far more than just achieving straight teeth. His incredible talent allows him to create incredible smiles with facial beauty and balance for the patient’s lifetime. The Phoenix area is very fortunate to have a clinician of Dr. Frost’s caliber. I can only give him the very highest recommendation because he is truly an extraordinarily talented clinician with great passion, and he cares for each patient he has the pleasure of giving an amazing, world-class smile."

Dr. Dwight Damon

Inventor of The Damon System

“I am fortunate to have been in orthodontics since the turn of the millennium. Over my career, I have attended meetings, watched speakers, and met clinicians from all over the world. However, among the doctors I have met, watched, or learned from, I have the honor of calling a select, elite few my mentors. Those doctors I respect for their integrity and clinical skill above all others. I can honestly say, I have never met a finer orthodontist and innovator than Dr. Stuart Frost. He is truly one of the most gifted individuals in our profession and he has my highest recommendation.”

Dr. Jamie Reynolds

"When it comes to creating beautiful smiles, even those of us who lecture beside Dr. Frost are amazed at the artistry with which he practices his craft. A master at combining the art and science of orthodontics, the smiles he creates are recognizable worldwide. For the patients lucky enough to visit his practice, the results are obvious. What many of these patients don’t know is that the entire orthodontic profession benefits from Dr. Frost’s expertise through his insightful teaching. As an internationally renowned orthodontic educator, Dr. Frost has lectured on the largest of world stages, educating thousands of orthodontists on his masterful style of artistic orthodontic treatment. Countless patients around the world benefit from his selfless sharing of his years of experience and insight. I’m proud to call Dr. Frost my friend and mentor, and I know my orthodontic expertise has been enhanced by learning from him over the past decade!"

Dr. Jeff Kozlowski

"Dr. Frost has been my close friend and mentor for more than fifteen years. It was his passion, dedication, selflessness, and excellence in treatment that inspired me to become an orthodontist. I have never met another individual with the capacity to freely give so much of himself for the betterment of others. Dr. Frost is the kind of orthodontist that continues to inspire, in and out of the mouth. His passion for both the field of orthodontics, and his artistry as a clinician, are unmatched by any doctor I have met. As a resident, he is everything I hope to become as an orthodontist. Dr. Frost has a special ability that is well-known by all in the community to serve and uplift. His “smile brand” is something I seek after for each of my patients, and something that he has mastered. He truly has a zest for life that is contagious to all he meets. Dr. Frost is the kind of mentor that you never forget, and one you always hope to make proud!"

Dr. Trevor Nichols


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