Protecting Your Orthodontic Investment

Orthodontic treatment can be an expensive, but worthy investment. When you decide to invest in your smile, you are also choosing to invest in your health and your confidence. It takes about a year (sometimes more) to achieve a perfect smile. Over that time, you invest time, money, and energy into getting your smile to […]

Your Child’s Health May Not Be All That It Appears

It makes sense that most parents think of their children’s health as “normal” or “average.” After all, most children are normal. The average child is in the average range. That’s the definition of average. Sure, your child has issues. Doesn’t everyone? You might think the fact that your child snores, takes a long time to […]

The Damon Dental Experience

Parents sometimes bring their children into our offices with great trepidation. They recall painfully their experience with braces years ago. They remember the pain and discomfort the braces caused, particularly following an adjustment, when the wires were tightened and their teeth were pulled further in a direction they didn’t necessarily want to go. For some, […]

Shaping the Jaws: Why You Should Care

Children have the same facial structures they will have as adults. Consequently, it is sometimes useful to correct imbalances of the muscles of the face along with tongue and tooth-positioning problems by shaping the jaws early on, before they cause breathing and other issues. This makes sense to do as the child’s bones are still […]