Is your selfie game strong?

Take Dr. Frost's free quiz to see if you could have the smile you've always wanted - no filter needed!

Is your selfie game strong? Take Dr. Frost’s free smile quiz to see if you could have the smile you’ve always wanted – no filter needed!

Do you want your smile to beam in person and in pictures? Have you ever considered getting your teeth straightened? Do you wonder which orthodontic treatment would be good for you? You’ve come to the right place!

Dr. Frost is an orthodontist who specializes in helping kids, teens, and adults create the smile they’ve always wanted. He understands that crafting a beautiful smile takes more than just closing spaces and straightening teeth. Dr. Frost has become known in the industry as the “artist orthodontist” because of his technique. A “Frost smile” is wider and fills more of the visible space in your mouth. This creates a natural looking smile that’s been proven more attractive, and it can also improve your overall comfort and quality of life (score!).

By choosing a treatment that gives you a wider, more attractive smile, you can actually help other areas of your health, like your quality of sleep and ability to concentrate. Answer the questions below to find out what you need to get you smiling from ear to ear!

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